food for diabetic patients


 Hello guys, I feel the compulsion to write about this killer disease because I feel it is the singular most ignored disease I know.

Also, it became personal when someone close to me developed a type 2 Diabetes.

I feel a mass sensitization should be set up for the dangers of diabetes because most people that are insulin deficient don’t even know they are.

If they are aware of their condition, a preventive measure would be set. Personal discipline would be possible because it’s really not easy closing your eyes to all the desserts, pastries, sodas being produced today by chefs including me.

What is Diabetes and how can it be controlled?

Diabetes is a set of  dangerous complications that results from high concentration (presence) of glucose (sugar) in the blood that cannot be converted or used due to “no or not enough” production of Insulin by the Pancreas.

I would love to continue on the types and forms However, this information can be easily gotten even the dangers are well pronounced;

* Diabetes can affect almost every organ in your body.. the eye, ear, kidney, heart etc. Just name it.

Even your body soldiers and wound clot is almost reduced to zero. It’s a killer!!

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Treatments known.

 Since 90% of diabetes patients are type2  (These are the people that, though produces insulin.
However, not enough for the body to use), the common treatments are:
* Good diet
* Exercise
* Insulin injection

* Medications

It has been noted that just following this plan, any major damage or complications can be avoided.

In the developed countries, a list of foods can be given and followed easily.

However, in the 3rd world countries, countries that survive on less than $10 a day, Many things could go wrong.

To feed is an issue not to talk of to maintain a diet and most foods especially Nigerian major foods are carbohydrates that still end up producing glucose in the body.

So what are the diet you can easily get and afford that will keep that sugar level down to almost zero and give you a good life?

Affordable and cheap diets or inclusions that helps reduce your sugar

 *Note that the post is not written for you to STOP eating carbs, it suggest that you lower carbs and increase or include these other foods

1. Vegetables: 


 This is the cheapest form of vitamins you can afford. It can be grown personally and it can be gotten at a very low amount in the market.

Since the point is to cut down Carbohydrates, Having more of vegetables in your meal than actual carbs like rice, wheat, processed cassava will help balance your food.

We have different types of vegetables and some referred to be herbal. For example, Bitter Leaf.

* Recipe: To cut down sugar, Process Bitter leaf by rinsing it, then soaking in water and rubbing it repeatedly and squeezing .

Repeat this process until you have squeezed out over 80percent of the bitter content.

  Then, spread it out on a tray and let it dry.

 Store it in a bottle and add a teaspoon of it to your soups and foods. It helps. 



     Studies and research has proven that ginger has phytochemicals that reduces blood sugar and can maintain normal blood sugar example is gingeron.

So my professional advice is NOT to ingest ginger raw because too much of consumption can cause blood thinning that can affect the ability of the body to heal faster in case of injury. (blood clotting)

However, it is very good as inclusion in soups, as Spice in food, as condiments etc. Just make sure it’s in your food as an inclusion.


It has been researched that food rich in protein helps to regulate blood sugar.

However, the issue with consuming high protein foods is that there are two types of proteins namely:

* Animal Protein

* Plant protein

So as not to bore you with research, it is of a high opinion that plant proteins are better as it doesn’t form fat around organs; Hence, my recommendation,

1. Have a sizeable amount of OAT in the house you can take with milk as breakfast along with beans or if you just have to take carbs like Rice, supplement it with beans.

2. Animal Protein like eggs and fish are very good source of protein that helps to balance whatever foods you decide to eat.

3. Try as much as possible to procure unsweetened yoghurt you can keep in your fridge to make more youghurt (recipe out soon)

4. Nuts are also very good. It is readily available in supermarkets and your local market and can be gotten very cheap. Examples are; Groundnut, almond, walnut etc.


I personally spoke to some diabetic patients about what they feel about taking fruits.

Some were of the opinion that it helps while Some complained it still spikes their blood sugar.

So the real question is:

Are fruits good for you and which type?

* It is true that fruits contains sugar too However, they also contains Fibres that will lower the rate of absorption of sugar into the blood system thereby regulating blood sugar.

So it’s fair to say fruits that contains high fibre should be consumed. Examples are:

° Apples

° Oranges

° Grapefruits

° Coconut

° Almond etc

* It is also right to understand processed, canned juices are not exactly the same as Natural fruit.

This is because the fibre of the fruit used in these juices have been removed before it was processed.

Also, sugar has been added to make it sweeter and it has lost some of its nutrients during processing.

* All fruits are good to eat but search for those with high fibre content. Also, taking fruits helps to take craving off sweet confectioneries.

Overall, you know that too much carbohydrates, Junk foods, Sodas confectioneries are a serious NO if you are diabetic.

Be disciplined and you will live without complications.

Send me questions and comment for more information. Stay healthy, eat healthy.

Also, don’t forget to share our posts to encourage us write more.


I'm a passionate professional chef. I run a food company called Baker's Cafe. I seek food knowledge and love to dispense it for your benefit alone.