This had been around for quite a long time yet it has been a sought-after delicacy having its swag intact even after several years of its existence. I got to know after doing personal studies that it originates in the northern part of Nigeria.

When I first heard the name YAMARITA,  I was really expecting a very complex preparation process. However, after sampling and doing, I was a little disappointed though it still was very sweet and I’ll pay to get a good one any day.

It was very easy for me to make as I was already good at making fritters like fish n batter, chicken batter etc.

  •  ¤ Yam
  •  ¤ Cayenne (red pepper)
  •  ¤ Bell peppers to give it good appearance(optional)
  •  ¤ Wheat Flour
  •  ¤ Egg
  •  ¤ grounded pepper
  •  ¤ Spices of your choice but I love ginger
  •  ¤ salt
  •  ¤ seasoning cube to taste
  •  ¤ Onions

                            (COOKING TIME: 20MINS)

I majorly work with 3 small bowls or plates but before then, cut in a big round shape the yam, peel, and wash. It will be better if you can shape into triangular shape or square shape for easy coating.

  •   Then,  per-boil that is,  you boil without allowing it to get soft.
  •  Turn off light after 3-5mins depending on the kind of cooker or pot you are using. This timing does not apply to pressure pots.
  • In the first plate, mix the ginger(grounded), grounded pepper, seasoning cube, salt with the egg and set aside.
  • In another plate,  put the flour you ll use for coating,  for those that for one reason or the other loves to add sugar to your yam,  though it seems weird to me,  you can mix little with your flour.
  •  In the last plate,  chop your bell peppers, pepper, onions etc.
  • So you drain your yam,  pick one and drop into your mix,  let it cover the yam, then sprinkle little mix of your chopped pepper and onion before you drop into the flour. The flour will stick to it immediately.
  • Let it cover it completely then insert it back to the egg mixture before dropping it into oil.
  •  Also,  the concept is always Wet:Dry:Wet.
  • That is,  dip in the wet,  then dry and lastly the wet ingredients which in this case means the egg mixture, then flour to cover it all and lastly,  the egg mixture.

Serving suggestions:

         YAMARITA can be eaten with different sauces that suits your taste but the familiar ones around are fried pepper sauce,  ketchup, vegetables and even pepper soup and a cold drink, juice or beer.

Please don’t forget to comment,  share and I love feedbacks.  Love you!



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