Review On £2500 Zepter Set of Pots I Just Got ( Is It Worth It Or Not?)

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So I got a new set of Zepter pot and the price have driven my passion to write this article find out why below.

I know you might be asking yourself. ” Why should I buy such an expensive pot?”

Is it true it can cook food without water? Can it fry meat without oil?

I will be sharing with you the awesome benefits of the Zepter11 361L metal layers bottom sets of pots which is in high demand all over the world.

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A little History On Zepter International Company

Zepterinternational started in the 1980s by Philip Zepter.

Zepter international is involved in the production, selling and distribution of consumer goods.

It has manufacturing companies in Germany, Switzerland and Italy with headquarter at Switzerland.

Examples Of Goods Produced By Zepter International:

Philip Zepter has a zeal towards healthy living, exotic styles and taste thereby creating amazing healthy equipments and goods.

Some may say his products are too expensive However, it can keep you alive and well for a long time. Also, the products are of the best quality in style, designs and make up.

Listed under are some of the Zepter products:

* Zepter Porcelain

* Zepter Therapy Air

* Zepter Healthy Cooking Utensils

* Zepter Induction radio

* Zepter Cosmetics

* Zepter Sound System

The list of their products are endless However, I will be discussing about the 2500€ 30pcs Zepter set of pots which I recently purchased.

Benefit Of Using Zepter Healthy Pots (Cookwares):

Food is something you must consume frequently and continuously or else the body begins to die.

This also means that priority should be placed on what one ingest into the body and how it is being prepared.

Physical Attribute

  • It is indestructible, totally resistant to corrosion and doesn’t change colour
  • It doesn’t retain food odours and it is non-porous
  • It transfer heat evenly throughout the pot and increase cooking time

 Special Features

  • It has Temperature sensors on the cover which measures the temperature of the cooking food.

This ensures the food doesn’t burn and nutrients in the food is not depleted.

  • It is environmentally friendly and resistant to chemical effect
  • It is neutral and doesn’t cause any allergy
  • Zepter cooking ware has been infused with a technology that enables you to cook without water and fry without fat.

Question 1:

Can food be cooked without water?

Answer: Definitely not! However, It is discovered that most of the food we cooked already are made of over 40% natural water and there might not be need to add water again.

The special construction of the Zepter £2500 pot allows food to cook in its natural steam.

To cook with the pot, fill the pot with the food materials that has been washed, turn on the heat and wait till the pot temperature reaches the green spot.

Lower the heat to retain the temperature on that level.

The water in the food joined with the drops from the water you used in rinsing will rise as steam and condense on top to cook.

Do not lift the lid so the steam does not escape until you are sure the food is cooked.

This will ensure that the food’s nutritive, biological values and organoleptic properties are reserved.

This exclude the dried foods like rice, flour cereals etc.

Question 2:

Can You Fry Without Oil Or Fat?

Answer: it is generally known that most proteins have natural fat. So it is advised to fry without fat.

The pot is heated till it enters the green level of the temperature sensor on top. Then, the heat is reduced to a minimal level.

Another way to know if the frying pan is at the right temperature is sprinkle water on it. If it bounces off, its at the right temperature.

Lay the meat on it and press down with a fork. Allow to stay for about 1-2 minutes before flipping over.

Repeat this process until your protein is fully cooked.

Zepter Cookwares’ 11 Layers Capsulated Bottom

Zepter has 11 layers capsulated bottom which helps to retain heat for a long period of time.

You should endeavour to put off the heat some minutes before your food is done.

This is because the patented accuthermal bottom layers continues cooking the food even after the heat source is turned off and retains the hotness of the food for hours.

This is the cookware for individuals who love to eat hot foods long after it is prepared.

No need to rewarm. It is also very essential for chefs and caterers who needs to keep their food warm or hot.

The 11 layers are made up of;

  1. Aluminium Alloy
  2. Carbon
  3. Pure Aluminium
  4. Aluminium Alloy
  5. Carbon
  6. Pure Aluminium
  7. Aluminium Alloy
  8. Carbon
  9. Pure Aluminium
  10. Aluminium Alloy
  11. Stainless Steel
  12. Turbo Induction

Multiple Cooking Ability

The cookware is stackable which means you can cook 2-4 meals at the same time.

The cookware comes with a steamer pot and 2 bakelite mats which enables heat to pass through one pot to another.

The body is also built to absorb heat and transfer until heat can be well distributed throughout the whole pots.

Question 3

Is it worth the price ?

Answer: Yes the Zepter cooking pot set is worth every of the £2500 I spent on getting it and you should get yours and enjoy a betters and easier cooking experience.

You can read extensively about Zepter  international on their website about their other amazing products.

However, you can direct your questions to me and your comment will be appreciated.

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